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    Compounds with Increasing Boiling Points

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    A series of compounds with increasing boiling point is listed below. Offer an explanation for this trend.

    a. Butane (8 degrees C).
    b. Propanal (56 degrees C)
    c. 1-Propanol (97 degrees C)

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    a) Butane, being an alkane, has the lowest boiling point because it is nonpolar. The only type of intermolecular force of attraction (IMFA) among butane molecules is London dispersion force which is fairly weak. Hence, the IMFA can be overcome easily by small input of energy, which is why, butane boils at a very low temperature.

    b) Propanal is an aldehyde (CH3CH2COH). ...

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    Provides an explanation for the trend in increasing boiling points amongst the compounds provided.