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    Problem Set: Drawing structures and naming compounds and their characteristics

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    1. Draw a structure for the following
    a) 5-oxohexanoic acid

    b) dimethyl oxalate

    c) 4-butanolactone

    2. Which of the following compounds are named correctly?

    3. Arrange the following in order of increasing boiling point (lowest first)

    a) II, I, III, IV
    b) I, II, III, IV
    c) III, I, II, IV
    d) IV, I, II, III

    4. Which of the following compounds are soluble in water?


    c) polyvinyl chloride


    5. What reagent could be used to accomplish the following reactions?

    a) LiAlH4
    b) NaBH4
    c) Ag(NH3)2+
    d) K2Cr2O7/H2SO4

    6. Which of the following polymers are step growth polymers?
    a) nylon
    b) HDPE
    c) teflon
    d) PET

    7. What is the product of the following reactions?
    8. Draw the monomer used to make polyacrylonitrile.

    9. Draw the polymer PEN derived from the following monomers

    10. Which of the following amino acids would have a non-polar side chain?

    11. What is the predominant form of lysine in blood plasma at pH 7.4?

    12. Draw the structure of the tripeptide Met-Ile-Pro.

    13. Show how you could carry out the following synthesis.

    b) Benzene and acetic acid

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    A problem set of multiple problems involving naming, identification, drawing and discussions of boiling points and solubility.