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    energy level of electrons in atoms

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    Which of the following is true?

    A. The 3s level in hydrogen has a lower energy than the3d level in hydrogen.
    B. The 4s level in multielctron atoms is equal in energy to the 3d level in multielectron atoms.
    C. The 2s level in multielectron atoms has a greater energy than the 2s level in hydrogen.
    D. The 2s level in multielectron atoms is equal in energy to the 2p level in multielecton atoms.
    E. The 2s level in hydrogen is equal in energy to the 2p level in hydrogen.

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    The energy level is determined not only by n but also by l.

    In atoms with a single electron (essentially the hydrogen atom), the energy of an orbital (and, consequently, of any electrons in the orbital) is determined exclusively by n. The n = 1 orbital has the lowest possible energy in the atom. Each successively higher value of n has a higher level of energy, but the difference ...

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