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Energy Shell

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For the following atoms in their ground state, determine the number of electrons in each energy shell. If there are no electrons in the particular energy shell, leave that answer box blank.
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The question asks you to state how many electrons gets distributed to an atoms electron shell. Making a few assumptions, the solution instructs you how to complete the question and provides an answer for the question asked.

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In the question there are four atoms with different numbers of electrons listed. The maximum number of electrons that can occupy a specific energy level can be found using the following formula: Electron Capacity = 2n^2. The "^" symbol denotes a superscript and n is the Energy Shell number.

Please note that the energy shell need not be completely filled before electrons begin to fill the next shell. For this question, lets assume that each energy shell gets filled to the maximum before the next shell starts to be filled. Otherwise, you should use a Periodic Table of Elements to check a specific Atom's electron ...

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