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Spherical conducting shell, particle with a charge, potential energy, two charge system

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Please show all work and show all equations used and diagrams.

1) A spherical conducting shell has charge Q. A particle with charge q is placed at the center of the cavity. The charge on the inner surface of the shell and the charge on the outer surface of the shell, respectively are:

2) A particle with a charge of 5.5*10^-6C is 3.5 cm from a particle with a charge of -2.3*10^-8C. the potential energy of this two particle system, relative to the potential energy at infinite separation is:

3) A particle with a charge of 5.5*10^-8C is fixed at the origin. A particle wth a charge of -2.3*10^-8C is moved from x=3.5cm on the x axis to y=3.5cm on the y axis. The change in potential energy of the two charge system is:

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Since the electrical field in between the inner and outer surfaces is zero, by using Gauss Law we know the total enclosed ...

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