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Energy of orbitals

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Whichis not true?

A. In the hydrogen atom, all subshells of a principle shell are at the same energy level.
B. Orbital energies are higher in multielectron atoms than in hydrogen atomes.
C. In a multielectron atom, the various subshells of a principle shell are at a different energy levels.
D. All orbitals within a subshell of a multielectron atom are at the same energy level.
E. In high numbered principal shells of a multielectron atom, some subshells of differetn princpal shells have nearly identical energies.

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If we ignore the very small perturbations due to spin-spin and spin-orbit interactions (such as in the super-fine structure of hydrogen), then we can say that the energy level of hydrogen's electron is determined by the principal quantum number n - so A is true.

B is also true. ...

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The solution investigates the energy of orbitals.

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