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    LeChatelier's Principle and Hydrogen Bonding

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    Utilizing Le chatelier's principle, indicate the shift (if any) that would occur to
    C2H6+heat =C2H4+H2 (explain your reasons)
    a if C2H6 is removed from the system
    b if the volume of the container is increased
    c if the temperature is raised
    Consider the following system at equilibrium N2+ 3H2=2NH3+ 92.5kJ
    complete the table that follows, indicate changes in moles by entering I,D,N or ? in the table. (I=increase , D=decrease N=no change,?=insufficient information to determine)

    change of stress direction of reaction change in number of
    imposed on the system at
    equilibrium left or right to reestablish
    equilibrium N2 H2 NH3

    a add NH3
    b increase volume of reaction vessel
    c add catalyst
    d add both H2 and NH3

    In which of the following substances would you expect to find hydrogen bonding? Explain your reason.
    a) C2H6
    b) NH3
    c) H2O
    d) HI
    e) C2H5OH
    for each of the compounds that forms hydrogen bonds draw a diagram of the two molecules using a dotted line to indicate where the hydrogen bonding will occur.

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