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PowerPoint Presentation on the Element Boron

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I am looking for someone who is knowledgeable with PowerPoint.

I need help getting started with this project and knowing how to go about this.

My classmates told me finding a scientific article is the hard part to this project, so I want someone to help me with that also.


As a class, we will begin the construction of an interactive Periodic Table for the Health Sciences. Students will be assigned one element each for research. A PowerPoint presentation will be constructed fro each element.

The slides should be saved as ppt files. All sources (websites, journal articles, books) must be cited in a such a way that they could be relocated (cite websites as www.website.com; articles with author name, date, title, journal name and volume, and page numbers; books with author name, date, title of book, and publisher; use a small font). You must have at least two graphics in your presentation with explanatory captions.

Content/Format for slides: each presentation will consist of four slides.

1) General Information: name of he element and its symbol; basic information
2) "Element of Health" - include the roles of the element in normal physiology
3) 'Element of Disease" - include diseases/conditions related to the element
4) Summary of a scientific article (the article must be related to the health aspects of your assigned element)


I will judge based only on the following criteria: 1) format followed with two art/graphic pieces with captions, 2) slides regarding health and disease on topic and minimum of 50 words, 3) summary of scientific article included, 4) overall impressions (neatness, grammar, spelling), and 5) sources cited.

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I think this is a good start. Make sure you modify it to fit your purposes as I have just roughed it out for you. I have provided references for all of the materials used so you can go in ...

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The solution provides a PowerPoint presentation on the element Boron. The general information on Boron is presented.

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