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    Natural and Chemical Cleaners

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    What is the chemical make-up of natural cleaners? How do these products compare to traditional cleaners? Are the active ingredients the same or different? How do the products differ from traditional cleaning products? Are these products safer or more environmentally friendly than traditional products?

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    The following are examples of natural cleaners:

    Natural Cleaners Chemical make-up Application
    Vinegar Acetic acid all-purpose cleaner
    Lemon extract Citric acid removal of soap scum and hard water
    (C6H8O7) deposits
    Baking soda Sodium bicarbonate removal of stains; also serves as deodorizer
    Charcoal Carbon Deodorizer (to remove foul odors)
    Cornstarch Starch For cleaning windows, polish ...

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    This solution of 287 words gives examples of natural cleaners and makes comparisons between natural and traditional cleaners in terms of environmental impact, active ingredients and how they are made.