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Osmotic Pressure

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How would you prepare 1.0 L of an aqueous solution of sodium chloride having an osmotic pressure of 25 atm at 17°C?

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Osmotic pressure (in atm) = molarity * R * temperature
R = 0.0821 liter-atm/mole kelvin ...

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The solution involves a calculation of molarity using the Van't hoff equation given osmotic pressure, temperature and the ideal gas constant.

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Osmotic pressure problem

Brackish water with a salt content around .5 percent by mass is found in semiarid regions such as the American Southwest. Assuming that brackish water has the same density as pure water and contains only sodium chloride, estimate the osmotic pressure of brackish water at 298K.

A hint is that the the total molarity is the sum of the molarities of Na+ and Cl-.

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