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    Osmotic Pressure and Molar Mass

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    Please show and explain all work, including all parts of the formulas.

    Osmotic Pressure. What is the osmotic pressure (in mm Hg) of a solution at 25.0°C made by dissolving 0.0135 grams of tryptophan (C11H12N2O2) in enough water to give 75.0 mL of solution?

    Osmotic Pressure & Molar Mass. A 0.0116-gram sample of an unknown compound is dissolved in enough water to give 85.8 mL of solution at 25.0°C. If the solution has an osmotic pressure of 18.2 mm Hg, what is the molar mass of the unknown compound?

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    According to Van't Hoff equation, osmotic pressure is given by,

    P = c*R*T

    Where, c is the molar concentration of the solution, R is the gas constant and T is the temperature.

    c = n/V = w/M*V (where n is the number of ...

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    This solution involves the calculation of osmotic pressure and molar mass using the Van't Hoff equation.