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Molar mass of an enzyme from Osmotic pressure

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An aqueous solution of 10.00 g of an enzyme has a volume of 1.00 L at 29°C. The solution's osmotic pressure at 29°C is found to be 0.781 torr. Calculate the molar mass of the enzyme.

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<br> The osmotic pressure of a solution is given by the Van't Hoff formula,
<br> p = c * R * T,
<br>where, c is the molar concentration of the solution and is given ...

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An aqueous solution of 10 g of catalase an enzyme found in the liver has a volume of 1 liter at 27 degrees Celcius. The solutions osmotic pressure at 27 degree celcius is found to be 0.745 torr. Calculate the molar mass of catalase.

could you please explain how you come up with the answer to this problem? Thank-you.

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