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Semi-Empirical Expression for a Dilute Real Solution

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Starting with the definition of osmotic pressure

Pi = -RT/V_ml * ln * (p_so*ln)/(p_1)^0

Derive the semi-empirical expression for a dilute real solution

Pi/C' = RT/M_2 + bC'

Where C' is the concentration expressed in (g solute)/(dm3 solution) and b is known as the interaction constant. Then use the semiempirical formula to determine the molar mass of inulin (C6H10O5)x from the following data at 200C.

C' (gsolute/dm3soln) 103.8 77.1 50.9 25.2
Pi (bar) 0.86 0.58 0.31 0.14

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The key is to expand ln x in a Taylor series for x small and with x small the terms psol/P1o give only two ...

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