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Nitrogen gas pressure problem

A nitrogen container has 100.0 liters of gas at a pressure of 3200 psi ruptures in a room at 28° C and 0.92 atm pressure. What volume will the nitrogen gas occupy in the room after the bottle empties? Please show all steps.

2 A typical vacuum system can obtain a pressure of 1.0 x 10-8 (-8 power) torr. Calculate the number of gas molecules present in 1.0 liter of gas at this pressure and 25° C.

3What is the partial pressure of each gas and the total pressure in the container of a gas mixture containing 10.0g of Xe, 10.0g of SF6 (small 6), and 10.0g of He in a 3.00 liter container at 27° C.

5. The term "limelite" comes from the stage lights that were used in the 19th century. These lights burned acetylene (C H ) which was made by reacting calcium carbide made from lime with water according to the following reaction:

CaC2 (s) + 2 H2O (1) ----> C2 H2 (g) + Ca (OH) 2 (s)

How many grams of Ca C2 would you need in a lamp if the lamp consumed 100.0 ml of gas per minute, the show was 1.00 hour long, the temperature of the room was 32° C and the pressure was 760.0 mm of Hg?

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