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    Change in gas pressure when volume is decrased but temperature remains constant

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    A volume of gas is decreased by half while the temperature remains constant. How much does the gas pressure change?

    (2) State the relationship between the volume and pressure of a gas when the temperature is held constant (Boyles law).

    (3) Does data taken in an experiment support the idea that the pressure times the volume for an ideal gas is constant when the temperature remains at the same temperature?

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    For ideal gases, the ideal gas law states P*V/T=Constant (eq 1). Or you can write this another way. P_1*V_1/T_1=P_2*V_2/T_2 (eq 2).

    So we need to answer these questions in this context. In the first question, the halved ...

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    The expert examines the change in gas pressure when volume is decreased by temperature stays the same.