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Pressure, Volume and Temperature

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Fill an empty 2 liter bottle 1/3 full with the hottest tap water you can get. Immediately screw the cap on. Set the bottle aside and let it cool. The side buckles. Why?

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Explains why when an empty bottle is filled 1/3 full with hottest tap water one can get with, the cap is screwed on immediately and the bottle is set aside to let it cool, the side buckles.

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When you fill an empty 2 liter bottle 1/3 full the remaining 2/3 volume of the bottle is occupied by air. Since the water is hot the air also is hotter than the room temperature.
The gas law is PV = n R T

P = Pressure
V= Volume
n = no of moles
R = gas constant
T = Temperature

This can also be written as
PV/ T = n R
Since the air does not escape from the bottle as the cap is screwed on , the number of moles of ...

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