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    Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry

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    A student decided to measure the amount of salt that would dissolve in 50 ml of water at different temperatures. The student found that the solubility at 10 degrees centigrade (10° C), was .56 grams of salt. At 40° C, 2.35 grams dissolved and the solubility at 70° C was 3.85 grams of salt.

    Create a "Best fit" graph for the experiment above. Make sure you label the x and y-axis and include the units of measure. Copy the data table and graph to a new document. (10 pts.)

    Re-size the data table and graph so that they are readable but take up a minimum of space. The entire assignment should be no more than 1 page. (2 pts.)
    Below your graph in the document, respond to the following statement. (3 pts.)

    Using the graph you have made, predict what the solubility of salt would be in 50 ml of water at 22° C. Do not graph 22 degrees, as it will change your graph. Use the graph you made to determine the mass at 22 degrees by just looking at it. This is call interpolation.

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