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    Net Ionic Reactions of Metal Chlorides

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    Add 2 mL each of silver nitrate [AgNO3], lead nitrate [Pb(NO3)2] and mercury(I) nitrate[Hg(NO3)2] to the test tube. The chlorides formed are: AgCl, PbCl2, Hg2Cl2.

    The mixture of the 3 above compounds once precipitated is added water and then heated to to 70C to get [Pb(NO3)2] to disolve it back into solution.

    (a) Add 1 mL of 6M HCl to the test tube.
    Continue adding HCl in 1 mL increments until all of the original compounds have either precipitated as Unknown solids or dissolved as Unknown chlorides.

    2.Write the net ionic equations for the formation of the 3 chlorides formed in step 1.

    3. Write the net ionic equation for the dissolving of lead chloride in hot water.

    4. Why do you need hot water to dissolve the lead chloride?

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