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Lab experiment - six prepared solutions

1) This is the scenario: there are six prepared solutions, but the labels are not on the bottles. What are the the solutions in the bottle. The six possible solutions are silver nitrate, barium chloride, copper (II) nitrate, copper(II) sulfate, sodium carbonate, and hydrochloric acid. The results were found by mixing the each solution with every other solution. What are the six solutions? What are the net ionic equations for any reactions that occured?

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2) Why should tap water give a different conductance from deionized water?

3) You have acetic acid and nh3(ammonia). What are the molecular, ionic, and net ionic equations?


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2) Tap water has ions dissolved in it. Actually it is these ions that give water a "taste" de-ionized ...

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A lab experiment involving six prepared solutions as well as some other questions on ionic equations and ions are answered in this solution.