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General Chemistry - Law of thermodynamics

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1. Which one of the following is a correct statement of the first law of thermodynamics?

a. ΔS = q - T
b.at absolute zero, for a pure crystalline solid, S = O
c. ΔS >or equal q/T
d. ΔH = ΣΔHproducts - ΣHreactants
e. ΔE = q + w

2. A reversible process is one that ________.

a. must be carried out at high temperature
b. is spontaneous in both directions
c. can be undone with no net change in either system or surroundings
d. must be carried out at low temperature
e. happens spontaneously

3. A system that cannot exchange either matter or energy with its surroundings is called an _______________ system.

a. adiabatic
b. isobaric
c. isotonic
d. isolated
e. isothermal

4. Given the following table of thermodynamic data,
substance ΔHf° S°

TiCl4 (g) -763.2 kJ/mol 354.9 J/mol - K
TiCl4 (l) -804.2 221.9

determine the normal boiling point (in °C) of TiCl4.

a. 41.0
b. 35.3
c. 273.3
d. 308.3
e. 133.0

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Three questions relating to thermodynamics

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