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Adiabatic Monotonic Ideal Gas Expansion

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A 0.5 mol of an adiabatic monotonic ideal gas in a container at 250kPa and 350K is allowed to expand in either of the follow: a) reversibly or b) against a constant pressure of 150kPa until a final pressure of 150kPa is reached.
Please find the final temperature, delta U, delta H, q, and w for each process (a and b).

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First of all, we must assume that this gas is under going constant volume.

(a) Thus, for an ideal gas at constant volume ( in a container), we have the following:
(pfinal / pinitial) = (Tfinal / T initial)

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This solution finds the temperature and delta measures for when monotonic ideal gas either expands reversibly or against a constant pressure in a container.