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PV Diagram Isobar

A small container of gas undergoes a thermodynamic cycle. The gas begins at room temperature. First the gas expands isobarically until its volume doubles. Then the gas expands adiabatically. Then the gas is cooled isobarically and finally the gas is compressed adiabatically until it returns to its original state.

(a) Draw a PV diagram.

I am not certain how to draw an isobar or in what direction everything should run for this diagram.

(b) Is the temperature of the gas greater right before or right after the adiabatic expansion?

I would assume it would be greater after the adiabatic expansion because in an adiabatic process no heat comes in or out of the system, therefore, causing the temperature to rise throughout the process.

(c) Is heat added to or removed from the gas in one cycle?

I am unsure as I am not certain how to draw the PV diagram.

(d) Does this gas cycle act as a heat engine or a refrigerator?

Is this a refrigerator?

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