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Sketch a PV diagram and find the work done by the gas

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1) Sketch a PV diagram and find the work done by the gas during the following stages. (Draw the PV diagram on paper. Your instructor may ask you to turn in this work.)

(a) A gas is expanded from a volume of 1.0 L to 2.9 L at a constant pressure of 2.8 atm.
work done______J

(b) The gas is then cooled at constant volume until the pressure falls to 2.0 atm.
Work is_______J

(c) The gas is then compressed at a constant pressure of 2.0 atm from a volume of 2.9 L to 1.0 L. (Note: Be careful of signs.)
Work done_______J

(d) The gas is heated until its pressure increases from 2.0 atm to 2.8 atm at a constant volume.
Work done ________J

(e) Find the net work done during the complete cycle.

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The solution sketches a PV diagram and finds the work done by the gas.

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