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    Thermodynamics: Heat Engine

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    A heat engine (thermodynamic cycle) with a fixed amount of working gas is shown in diagram. If the gas temperature at point 3 is 400 K, then how many moles of gas are in the engine? What is the temperature at point 2? Is process stroke 2,3 a heat intake or cooling stroke? How much work is done by process stroke 2,3? How much net work is produced for the whole cycle?

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    1) Use PV=nRT (R = 8.315 J/molK)
    n = PV / RT

    In this case:
    T = 400K
    P = 200e3 Pa
    V = 0.005m^3

    n = (200e3)(0.005) / (8.315 * ...

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    This solution uses the formula PV=nRT and includes complete calculations and answers. The net work for the whole cycle is determined.