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    A cloud moving across the ocean at 2000 m (height) encounters a mountain range. As it rises to 3500 m, it undergoes adiabatic expansion from p=0.802 to 0.602 atm. If the initial temperature of the cloud is 288 K, will it rain or snow on the mountains? (Assume air to be an ideal gas with Cpm = 28.86 J/mol*K)

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    This is a case of adiabatic expansion. For adiabatic expansion, following equations must be satisfied :

    PVγ = Constant where P, V are the pressure and volume and γ = Cp/Cv

    Or P1V1γ = P2V2γ

    Or (P1/ P2) = (V2/V1)γ .......(1)

    And assuming air to be an ...

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    The expert examines the thermodynamics of a cloud rising on encountering a mountain. A step by step solution provided.