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Ideal Gases & Constant Heat Capacity

1. An ideal gas with Cp/Cv=1.5 where Cp and Cv are respectively the heat capacities at constant pressure and constant volume, is used as the working substance of a Carnot engine. The temp of the source is 600K and that of the sink is 300K.

The volume of gas changes from 4 to 1 liter at the low temp and the pressure at the volume of 4 liters is one atm.

calculate the volumes and pressures at the extreme points of the high temp expansion.

calculate the heat absorbed there

Calculate the heat given out at the low temp

what is the efficiency ?

2. Two identical bodies of constant heat capacity are initially at temperatures T1 and T2. They are used as the sink and source of a Carnot engine and no other source of heat is available.

Calculate the final, common temperature when all possible work has been extracted from the system.

Calculate the maximum work obtainable.

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