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    Electrophoresis experiment

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    Capillary Electrophoresis experiment:
    1. aqueous buffer at 15kV
    2. capillary ID of 75micrometers
    3. total length of capillary is 57cm
    4. length of capillary to detectoris 50cam
    5. migration time for acetone= 5min
    6. migration time for unipositive analyte = 3min
    7. migration time for a uninegative analyte = 8min
    8. dielectric constant of water= 80
    9. permitivity of vacuum=8.854x10^-12C^2 N^-1 m^-2
    10.viscosity of water = 8.95x10^-4 N m^-2 s

    1. electroosmotic mobility
    2. electrophoretic mobilities
    3. molecular radii of the analytes
    4. potential of the capillary wall.

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