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    Titration, solution content and molarity

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    An experiment calls for using 20 mL of toluene. (density=0.8668 g/mL, molecular weight=92.139 g/mol). What mass of toluene, and how many moles are involved?

    An experiment calls for 50.0 of benzoyl chloride to be used (density=1.212 g/mL). What volume of benzoyl chloride is needed?

    An aqueous solution of nitric acid has a density of 1.41 g/mL and contains 70.0% HNO3 by weight (wt/wt). What is the molarity of this solution?

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    1. Volume, V = 20 mL
    density, d = 0.8668 g/mL

    Hence, mass of toluene, m = volume * density = V*d = 20*0.8668 = 17.336 g

    molecular weight of toluene, M = 92.139 g/mol

    Hence, number of moles involved in reaction = mass/molecular wt = ...

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