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    Calculating Average Molarity of 0.1M NaOH after Titration

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    I have a big Chemistry test Friday, and I have to learn how to find the average molarity of NaOH (0.1 M) from three trial titration experiments I did in lab.

    Titration #1
    Volume of NaOH used =3.9 ml

    Titration #2
    Volume of NaOH used = 3.9 ml

    Titration #3
    Volume of NaOH used = 4.0 ml.........AVERAGE MOLARITY OF NaOH_________M?

    I have to show my calculations on the exam, but my text doesn't show how to find the average molarity. I'm a bit lost on this one and could really use some help to anyone willing. I really need to see every step so I can understand what I'm doing. Thanks!

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    Number of moles = molarity*volume

    Titration #1
    Volume of NaOH used =3.9 ml
    Known molarity = 0.1 M
    Number of ...

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