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Reaction Kinetics - Equilibrium

A.) Consider the reaction:
4HCl (aq) + MnO2 (s) <--> Cl2 (g) + 2 H2O (l) + MnCl2 (aq) Delta (H)degree
The equilibrium is displaced to the left if:

a. Catalyst is added
b. pressure is lowered
c. temp is lowered
d. H2O is added
e. none of these

b.) Consider the following gas phase reaction at 25 oC. N2 (g) + C2H2 (g) <----> 2HCN(g) 1.600 mol N2 (g) and 1.750 mol C2H2 (g) are placed in a 1.000 L vessel and the mixture is allowed to react. At equilibrium, there are 1.587 mol N2 (g) in the mixture. What is Kc for this reaction at 25 oC?

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The reaction kinetics of 4HCl (aq) + MnO2 (s) <--> Cl2 (g) + 2 H2O (l) + MnCl2 (aq) is discussed.