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Dimerization of C5H6

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Suggest a method for measuring the rate of the following reactions:

i) 2H2O2(aq) ------> 2H2O (l) + O2(g)
ii) HBr(g) -----------> H2(g) + Br2(g)
(colorless)............(colorless)....(dark red-brown)

For the dimerization reaction

2C5H6(g) --------> C10H12(g)

Change in the concentration of C5H6/ change in time was found to be 4.4torr sec-1. What would be the value of the change in concentration of C10H12/change in time during the same period of time?

Explain why a catalyst for a forward reaction must also be a catalyst for the reverse reaction. Include an energy level diagram in your answer.

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The expert suggests a method for measuring the rate of the reactions. Dimerization reactions are analyzed.

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i) The only gas in the reaction is O2. Hence you can follow the kinetics of the reaction by measuring the pressure evolved as reaction proceeds. The pressure measured will correspond to the pressure of O2. Knowing the change in concentration of O2 at given time intervals can then give the rate of the reaction as rate = ...

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