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    Equilibrium Constants

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    a) Determine the value for the equilibrium constant if there are present at equilibrium 5.0mol of Nitrogen, 7.0 mol Oxygen, and 0.10 mol NO2 in a 1.5 L vessel.

    N2 + O2 --> 2NO2

    b) Determine the value for the equilibrium constant for the reaction A+ B --> 2C, if 1.0 mol A, 1.4 mol B, and 0.50 mol C are places in a 1.0 L vessel and allowed to come to equilibrium. The final concentration of C is 0.75M.

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    a) N2 + 2O2 --> 2NO2
    To calculate the equilibrium constant (Keq) you need the concentration of all the gases in Molarity and the equilibrium expression
    The ...

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    The solution shows how to determine a value for the equilibrium constant using the table method.