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Molecular Formula, Classification, Limiting Reagent/Theoretical and Percent Yield

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Write down the molecular formula (C_x H_y O_z) for each reactant and product, specifying the numerical subscripts.

Besides being classified as an ester, give the possible other classification(s) of phenolphthalein according to its functional group(s).

9000g of phthalic anhydride is combined with 9500g of phenol - some H_2SO4 is added and the reaction mixture is heated. When no more phenolphthalein is produced, t is isolated, purified and weighted. The mass of the purified phenolphthalein product is 11.650g. Based upon this data, determine the limiting reagent as well as the theoretical yeild and percent yeild of phenolphthalein. Show all work and reasoning clearly and carefully.

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