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Determination of the Molecular Shape of Dimethyl Sulfoxide

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Determination of the Molecular Shape of Dimethyl Sulfoxide using Infrared Spectroscopy

Objective/Purpose: Use Infrared (IR) spectrophotometry to support the suggested three dimensional shape of DMSO based on bonding between Copper (II) chloride (CuCl2) and Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO).

- CuCL2 134.5MM 150mg 1.11*10^-3 Mol 620mp C 3.386mg/ml
- (CH3)2SO 78.1MM 189C bp 18.4Cmp 1.101mg/ml

What is the location (wave number) of the S=O peak in the spectrum of the copper complex?

Is this wavelength greater or lesser than 1050cm^-1.

Attached to sulfur or oxygen?

Weight of product on balance to nearest milligram:

Percent yield:

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A determination of the molecular shape of Dimethyl Sulfoxide is examined.

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The trick to determining percent yield is to recognize that the reaction really isn't creating a new product as opposed to creating a compound composed of the original two reactants.

When CuCl2 is added to DMSO, CuCl2*2DMSO, as complex forms. It becomes obvious then, that twice the molar amount of DMSO is required per mole of CuCl2.

Since you used 1.11x10^-3 moles of CuCl2, assuming a 100% yield, 2.22x10^-3 moles of DMSO should have been used as well to form ...

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