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How will biodegradable plastic that imitates bacteria (PHB) be beneficial?

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How will biodegradable plastic that imitates bacteria be beneficial?

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This comprehensive solution addresses the process of biodegration, environmental concerns about non-biodegradable plastics, and poly-beta-hydroxy-buterate as a potential solution. 700 words.

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There are really two components to your question. The first is two understand the process of biodegradation and the second is the nature of PHB.

First I will address "biodegradation". Biodegradation or the popular term "biodegradable" refers to the process of microbially mediated decomposition of a wide-spread number of materials. "Microbially" in this case means by bacteria. As you are probably aware bacteria (and not just the ones that make us sick) are found practically everywhere in the environment. One place that has an abundance of bacteria is the soil. These bacteria have a very important role in our ecosystem in degrading fallen trees, dead leaves, animal waste etc. Imagine throwing out a banana peal into your garden. The banana peal begins to rot and probably doesn't smell all that great. The process doesn't just happen all by itself - without bacteria that banana would sit there almost in the same state (unless eaten by insects). The degradation occurs by bacteria using the banana as a food source and metabolizing it. One of the reasons ...

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