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    Chemical Changes in common processes

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    Need help answering the following questions:

    1. When a copper tree is placed in a liquid, what other evidence of chemical changes (besides forming solid crystals) in the liquid occurs?

    2. Does a chemical change occur when you cook an egg? Why or why not?
    When you fry an egg, it becomes a solid, the heat makes it smoke, and the color changes from clear and yellow to all yellow.

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    1. I would think a color change assuming you are talking about formation of copper sulfate crystals. If not can you be more specific as to what the liquid is and if you mean copper metal by copper tree?

    2.The white of an egg (known as the albumen) contains a large amount of protein, specifically a type called ...

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    The chemical changes observed when a copper tree is placed in a liquid and when an egg is cooked is given.