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Solving for the pH of a Compound

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Question: What is the pH of 0.097 M of triethylammonium chloride (CH3CH2)3 NHCL?

I know that in order to solve this i need to find the Kb, which is equal to Kw/Ka, I know that Kw = 1E-14, but I do not know which Ka to use? Once i know the Kb, i will be able to solve this problem and find the pH, i just need help finding the appropriate Ka

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This solution provides a step-by-step guide for how to solve, not only for the required constants needed for this question, but also for the final pH value. This solution will serve as a good model to utilize when answering future questions of a similar nature.

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Triethylammonium chloride is a salt, completely ionized. The cation is the conjugate acid of the weak base triethylamine, ...

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