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    Physical Properties - Solubility, pH and Melting Point

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    Lower solubility in water: Glucose or stearic acid

    Lower pH in solution: Butanoic acid or 1,5-butanedioic acid

    Higher melting point: Trans-CH3(CH2)5CH=CH(CH2)7COOH or Cis-(same compund)

    Please briefly explain each so I can understand apply it in the future.

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    For solubility look at the number of polar groups per carbon atom in the compound. The more polar groups in the structure of the compound/carbons in the compound, the higher the solubility in water... I ...

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    This solution is provided in 143 words. It discusses polar groups, carboxyllic acid groups, and cis molecules in relation to how these properties effect the solubility, pH, and melting point of the compound.