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Supercritical fliud

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Define Supercritical fluid. Give an example and it's properties. Which fundamental thermodynamic property is important to the solubility of an analyte in supercritical fluid?

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Properties of the supercritical fluid is discussed. The fundamental thermodynamic properties which are important to the solubility of an analyte in supercritical fluids are given.

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The definition of a supercritical fluid usually begins with a phase diagram,(see attached figure) which defines the critical temperature and pressure of a substance.
(for example: CO2 ; Tc = 31.1 °C, Pc = 73.8 bar)

A supercritical fluid is a material which can be either liquid or gas, used in a state above the critical temperature and critical pressure where gases and liquids can coexist. It shows unique properties that are different from those of either gases or liquids under standard ...

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