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GAC as a Good Treatment Technology for Dioxins (log Kow 6.8)

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Dioxins have a log Kow of 6.8. Based on this fact, explain why granulated activated charcoal is considered to be the best available treatment technology for dioxins in water.

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This solution clearly explains why GAC (Granulated Activated Charcoal) is currently the best treatment technology for the group of persistent organic pollutants DIOXINS. The properties of dioxins (log Kow, solubility) and the features of GAC are considered and explained here in detail.

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Dioxins are a ubiquitous group of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) that include:

1. polychlorinated biphenyls
2. polychlorinated dibenzo dioxins
3. polychlorinated dibenzo furans

These substances are present almost everywhere since they are produced from the incomplete combustion of organic compounds as a result of volcanic eruptions or forest fires. Furthermore, dioxins are also present in cigarette smoke, vehicle exhaust fumes and smoke coming from man-made processes.

Kow is also known as the octanol - water partition coefficient. It describes the distribution of a substance between two immiscible ...

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