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Ranking acidity and hydrogen atoms

The attachment contains all of the questions regarding ranking acidity and different forms of hydrogen atoms.


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Homework: Organic quemistry
1- What is the pKa of hydrogen HA? About 45 for sp2 carbon.

2- What is the pKa of hydrogen HB? About 55 for sp3 carbon
3- What is the pKa of hydrogen HC? About 18 for alcohols
4- What is the pKa of hydrogen HD? About 15 for amide

The pKa values given are rough estimates. If you have a number of choices to choose from, then the values may be different. So let me know if they have given choices.

5- The epoxyserinones represent some of the first compounds discovered from fungi cultured from deep-ocean sediment collections. What is the hybridization of the atom labeled A?

With one pi bond, it is sp2.

6- What is the formal charge of the atom labeled B?

Formal charge = number of valence electrons in neutral atom - valence electrons of atom in the compound = 6 - 7 = -1

7- What is the ...

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