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    Calculating moles when given amount of atoms

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    A (N2H5)2 C3H4O4 has 1.084 x 10^24 carbon atoms. ? moles of hydrogen atoms are there in this sample

    The atomic weight of hydrogen is 1.00794
    There are 10 hydrogen in the given sample which is = 10.0794 atomic weight within the sample.
    How do I use the amount of carbon atoms to determine how many moles of hydrogen atoms are in the sample?

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    This stuff with number of atoms/moles etc. becomes sort of circular, it causes many students confusion. One day it will just become second nature to you if you keep working on problems.

    For this question, make sure you keep the stoichiometry in mind: there are more than 10 H atoms in this molecule if I have it correct - there are ...

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    This solution involves finding moles of atoms.