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Molecular mass and moles

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First, how many moles are present in each of the following masses? 2.58g of SrSO4 and 2.53 x10-3g of Ag2CO3.

Second, going in reverse, How many grams are necessary to obtain the given number of moles? 3.20 x 10-4 moles of NaOH and 6.42 moles of AgNO3.

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The solution describes the concept of mole in chemistry and shows simple mass-to-mole conversion procedure.

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Before you look at the solution, let me suggest that you check out the following sites:


For some nice explanations about conversion between mass and moles.

The following site is an incredibly nice site with a lot of chemical data:

then you might want to solve the questions by yourself and check it against my solution.
If you get stuck, you can always look at the solution.

The atomic weight of each element actually tells us how many grams one mole of the element weighs. Or in other words, how many grams do 6.0231023 atoms of the element weigh.

For example, Arsenic's atomic weight is 74.92
This ...

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