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    Chemistry: Stoichiometric sample calculations

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    Hydrofluoric acid,HF (aq) , cannot be stored in glass bottles because compounds called silicates in the glass are attacked by the HF (aq) . Sodium silicate (Na2SiO3), for example, reacts as follows:

    - How many moles of HF are needed to react with 0.330 mol of Na2SiO3?

    - How many grams of NaF form when 0.570 mol of HF reacts with excess Na2SiO3?

    - How many grams of Na2SiO3 can react with 0.850g of HF?

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    The complete balanced reaction is:

    How many moles of HF are needed to react with 0.330 mol of Na2SiO3?
    We see ...

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