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    Resources for percent yield of haloform reactions

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    Good day,

    I am writing up a lab on, "Hypochlorite Oxidation of Methyl Ketones by Haloform Reaction".

    We used acetophenone and bleach (NaOCl) as our reactants.
    We got a percent yield of 8.7%.

    I am wondering where to find resources for predicted percent yields.
    I was also wondering how the amount of mixing effects percent yield.


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    Resources for predicted percent yields of reactions are often found in published papers. Here is a link to a paper that uses the synthesis technique you used:


    On page 2, you can find this quote:

    "Less frequently, it is used in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum to demonstrate ...

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    This solution provides two journal articles as sources for the hypochlorite oxidation of methyl ketones using the haloform reaction. In addition to this, the solution explains the effect mixing can have on the percent yield of this reaction.