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IR Spectra Used to Determine Structure

In this experiment, I investigated the reactivity of primary and secondary alcohols toward oxidation with sodium hypochlorite (bleach). There were 3 possibilities: 1) only the primary alcohol is oxidized to the aldehyde (carboxylic acid); 2) only the secondary alcohol is oxidized to the ketone, or 3) both alcohols are oxidized.

1. Please determine the structure of the product in this reaction. (The lab handout is attached)
2. Explain in detail how you determined the structure using the IR. (The IR that I obtained is attached by "MYIR". The IR the instructor obtained is is the document Oxidation.)
IMPORTANT: If the IR's do not match, use the instructor's spectra to aid in the identification of the intended product


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The elucidate structure for the given compound, in this case, there are the following thing which we can take under considerations:
1) look for peak of carbonyl which occurs between 1690 - 1740 cm-1 to find if its aldehyde or ...

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The following posting provides an over 150 word to clearly and succinctly explain how to determine the structure of a product using IR spectroscopy.