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    IR and HNMR spectra

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    Can you please help me determine the identity of this molecule. I know from the IR that it contains a carboxyl group, but I am not quite sure what the HNMR is showing. Can you please help me?

    See the attached file.

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    The NMR looks very like a CH2=CH- group near an electronegative functional group, such as -COOH. The electronegative group raises the chemical shifts of nearby protons.

    The H of -COOH is not apparent - probably because it has become -COOD by equilibrium with the deuterated ...

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    The solution is given by looking at the IR and HNMR spectra diagrams attached, and making the final conclusion on the identity of the molecule highlighted. Carboxyl and atom properties are used in conjunction with the diagrams to establish an idea over the identity of the molecule.