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Acid-Base Reaction

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Aqueous solutions of HCl (200 mL, 0.0200 M) and KOH (400 mL, 0.0500 M) are mixed. Calculate the pH of the solution after the neutralization reaction takes place. Hint: You must consider the concentration of the unreacted excess reagent in the mixed solution.

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This is an acid-base reaction problem that requires the student to find the pH of the resulting solution. This problem is unique in that the limiting reagent is the acid, thus the pH must be calculated by finding the pOH first.

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Acid-Base Reaction

• A neutralization reaction is a chemical reaction between a strong acid and a strong base. When a strong acid is mixed with a strong base, the result is a soluble salt and water.
• In this problem, hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a strong acid and ...

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