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    UFC analysis

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    1. How firms analyze their value chain for the purpose of determining where they are able to create value when using their resources, capabilities, and core competencies: What are the resources, capabilities, and core competencies of UFC? Be sure to define these terms in your answer
    2. Merger and acquisition strategies and how they relate to strategic competitiveness. Discuss the mergers and acquisitions that the UFC has made? How has these increased UFC's strategic competitiveness?
    3. Define and describe the general environment and the industry environment and how competitive forces influence the firm: Exhibit five of the case study shows some of the UFC's biggest competitors in the PPV market. Describe the UFC's competitive environment? What opportunities are there for further growth?

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    1) Value chain analysis (VCA) is used by firms to identify the internal activities of the firm that add value to the product or service sold. The firm uses this information to decrease costs or provide more value to the consumer through differentiation. Resources, capabilities, and core competencies from the foundation for a competitive advantage.

    A definition of the terms is as follows:
    • Resources include human resources and their skills, knowledge, insights, ideas, energy and commitment. Resources also include assets the organization has access to, such as technology, financial resources, and information, as well as intangible resources such as brand names.
    • Capabilities are the measure of an organization's ability to achieve its objectives when its people and systems work together.
    • Core competencies ...

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