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Supply chain - linear programming

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Shown below is a sensitivity report produced by Excel Solver for an LP problem with 3 decision variables (x_1, x_2, x_3) and 5 constraints (cons1, cns2,cons3, cons4, cons5).

Answer the following questions:
5.1) (2points) If we increase the coefficient of x_2 in the objective function to 2.45, what would be the ...

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I need help on how to solve this question from my study guide.

The following table provides shipping costs from each of two regional warehouses to each of three destinations. The supplies available and the demands are also given in the table.


Houston New Orleans Atlanta Supply (units)
Dallas 6 7 9 200
Huntsville 8 7 6 200

DEMAND 200 250 200

Formulate this as a linear programming problem (Constraints and Objective Function only). Carefully define all decision variables.

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